Life Gets In The Way

Life Gets In The Way

Writers don’t always write, sometimes life gets in the way. Well, in this case “tree got in the way”, literally.

Life Gets In The WayThis tree was rotting in the “V” between the two halves. I had seriously considered taking the tree down before this past winter but was concerned about the size and wanted to find a way to minimize damage to the driveway pavement. After looking at the tree I decided there was enough good wood that it should be OK until spring or summer when I would have more time to deal with it. I was trying to finish my first novel at the time and didn’t need the distraction. The weather would be better also, I reasoned with myself. It would be OK, I thought to myself, BUZZ….WRONG.

It waited till after I finished the book, yeah, but it certainly didn’t wait for my choice of timing. When it came down on its own it got caught in the top of another tree and blocked the driveway. Now I had to deal with it and now it would be much more difficult because it was caught in the other tree.

After about two hours with the chain saw, sledge hammer, wedges, and axe I managed to get the lower part of the tree out of the way of the pavement without killing myself, yeah again. It’s always a yeah when you don’t kill yourself. It is still caught in the top of the other tree but now I can at least get in and out with the van. I’ll deal with the rest later.

But taking down the tree left us a bit of a mystery. In the rotten section of the tree we found about a dozen eggs. At first I thought they were turtle eggs but there was no way a turtle could climb three feet into the “V” of the tree. The only remaining possibility was that they were snake eggs, yuck. If snakes are laying eggs in any rotten sections of trees on my property then that’s a good enough reason to take the tree down.

The moral of this story: Life will always get in the way at some time or another. Do what you need to do to clear the way and get back to work.

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