You Don’t Need A Degree In Journalism To Be A Good Writer

Good Writers Don’t Need a Degree

Just because someone is educated doesn’t mean they are intelligent. If you want an example of that all you have to do is look to our nation’s capital. Enough said about that!

Good Writers Don't Need A DegreeAnd likewise, just because someone has a degree in journalism or literature doesn’t mean they can write well. Writing is an art like music. Some people have a natural ability for written communication but do not have any formal training or education in literature. History is replete with individuals who went on to great accomplishments in fields for which they had no training. Education, or lack thereof, didn’t keep them from achieving their dreams or writing some of the best known classics. Mark Twain, pen name for Samuel Clemens, who only kept up his schooling to age 12 wrote some of the most beloved American literary classics.

But regardless whether writing well comes naturally to you or not, just like music, you have to practice, practice, practice! Not only does that mean write, write, write, it also means read, read, read, but not just any reading. Expose yourself to good writing and good writers. Part of the process of becoming a good writer is through osmosis. If all you read is trash and garbage then your writing will reflect that. This is not only true for writing but is also true in all elements of our lives. It’s kind of like what friends you surround yourself with. You will eventually become like the things you are exposed to most. Choose to surround yourself with good friends and good writing.

Now go forth and write!

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